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Refill your Oki C5650 toner cartridge ....

prise plug out, pour toner in ....

change chip

Refilling Oki laser printer toner cartridges is mainly a matter of "unplug & pour". We say "mainly" because, as with the C5650 cartridge shown above, you also have to change the chip. In addition, although the Oki C5650 toner cartridge started out life as an "unplug & pour" when the machine was released, Oki then started to produce cartridges that couldn't be un-plugged! Don't worry, though, we just responded with a "melt & pour" upgrade to our C5650 Starter Kits.

The truth is that every laser printer has to be evaluated for refilling on it's merits. There's no one toner refill that will work without a hitch across significant numbers of laser printer models. That's why we've produced only dedicated Starter Kits and toner refill products since 1992. With the exception of the C110 Series, which in our opinion isn't a stable enough machine to refill successfully, and a few recently released high-end machines, we've developed refill products and approaches individually for every Oki colour laser printer in common use.

We release new products as fast as we can, but speed is constrained by thorough testing of the toner and refill technique on the actual laser printer in question. Yes, we buy the printer, we refill it, we see if that works repeatly before anything is ever sold on our website. For example, we took 58,547 test pages during the development of the C5600 toner refill.

In July 2012 we released the Copyleft version C5650 Series Do-it-yourself refill instructions PDF. They can be used and copied free of charge for non-commercial purposes. They are substantially the same content that was previously only available by buying our C5650 Starter Kit: no material information needed for refilling success has been edited out.
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