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Refilling the Brother HL-3040CN

Brother HL-3040CN being refilled

TN230M cartridge £40-31 ex VAT

(Source: | 12/06/2015)

Toner refill bottle £14-40 ex VAT

If you're the one who pays the toner bills, you've probably already thought it ... Can't you just put some toner back in?

Turns out that, by and large, you can. The Brother HL-3040CN / HL-3070CW is about the most straight-forward example that exists today, where you can refill the colour cartridges for a third of the normal price

Our year 2002 contribution to internet-speak, the "unplug and pour" toner refill is the no-brainer of toner refills .... more

"Unplug and pour" doesn't get you there for every laser printer. That's why you've got melt and pour" .... more

Part of our test lab "Guaranteeing it" the hard way - actually making sure it works by printing with it. The minimum you could expect from anyone looking to sell you a bottle of toner?

Professionals won't leave you guessing

What would you make of a GP who claimed to do some brain surgery "on the side"? Or advertised on Ebay?

Claiming to be a "specialist" or a "professional" is about as hard as spelling it, so here's some stuff you can actually use to check you're on the right track to a successful do-it-yourself laser toner cartridge refill

  • Quality, in-depth guidance. Based on repeatedly refilling the printer in our test lab. Here's a PDF of just one set of instructions for just one product: PDF Toner Refill instructions for the OKI C5650.
  • Generic refill methods have had their day. We should know: we invented them all. These days "right first time" depends on a detailed evaluation of every new laser printer. More on unique research into refill procedures ...
  • Marketing consultants tells us not to say this because it's not a "benefit" - but in 1996 our founders truly did sit in a second-hand Ford outside an industrial unit in Aston and dream up melting holes in the HP 5L / 6L cartridge with an apple corer! Who could make this stuff up? More on how we accidentally invented an industry ...
Brother toner refill kit

Our toner refill kits give you everything you need to do it right - first time

  • Continuous existence and continuous involvement with laser printers since 11th March 1992 (to verify, go to, click on Webcheck, click on Search Company Information and enter company number 02695874).
  • We only do toner refills. We invented them. We're irrationally proud of them. We guarantee you won't find a single *nkjet cartr*dge, *nkjet ref*ll, orig*nal cartr*dge, compat*ble cartr*dge, remanufactured cartr*dge, lesser-spotted cartr*dge, weird affiliate scheme, transparently self-serving twitter feed or other desperate gimmick on our site. (Whoops! The marketing consultant just told us we'd better get a Twitter feed going ... Obama, Beyonce and The Grateful Dead all have them, apparently ...)
  • Nor anything we saw on someone else's web site and thought we'd better shoe-horn into our internet shop despite the fact we don't know the first thing about it. You'll only find toner refill bottles, individually researched toner refill kits for refilling you own toner cartridge, replacement chips and the occasional widget we've invented for smoothing your path to the refilling hall of fame.
  • And there, mi'lud, we rest our case on being "professionals" in the one thing we're unreasonably passionate about

Don't settle for getting your money back after it didn't work and you wasted your time. Instead, do what we did and get it right - first time. Now choose your manufacturer ...

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